Summer events in Japan 1

Tanabata is a festival that takes place on July 7 in many parts of Japan (although in some regions it is later) and is called the “”Vega Star Festival””. It originated in China and celebrates the meeting of the stars Vega and Altair in the Milky Way and the annual celebration of the relationship between lovers. According to Chinese legend, Vega was so in love with Altair that he neglected his weaving and as a result, an angry god put the Milky Way between them. They could only meet on the night of July 7. This festival is especially popular with young children. Wishes are written on colourful paper and hung on bamboo. They are called “”Tanzaku”” and generally wishes for health, wealth, love, success in education of one’s child, etc. Bon, the annual event for Budhist, is held from the 13th to 16th of July or the 13th to 16th of August in the solar calendar. It is believed that the spirits of the ancestors return at this time, so family graves are cleaned out by then.On the 13th, people carry tablets with their ancestors’ names on them after their deaths and put cucumbers and eggplants in the shape of cows and horses together. On the evening of the 16th, people make a bonfire to bid farewell to our ancestors. Ocean Day is a national holiday in Japan, established in recent years. The purpose of the festival is to pray for the welfare of Japan, the country of the sea. For this reason, many events related to the sea are held throughout Japan in July, and the Japanese Navy also commemorates this day by dressing up their ships entirely.

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