Summer events in Japan 2

The roots of Sea Day go back to the Meiji era. The emperor at the time toured Japan as part of the new government’s nation-building projects. Ships were not well known in Japan until the Meiji Restoration, so until then the shogunate had no permission to go overseas It was forbidden to travel. Therefore, it was considered dangerous to go to sea. So, in order to change that perception, they celebrated the safe return of the Emperor to Japan. Later, during World War II, when the Japanese nation was in a state of crisis, Japan celebrated a national holiday, but simply as a day of commemoration to unite the spirit of the nation.
And after the war, when a huge earthquake made land and air travel impossible, it was necessary to transport the necessary supplies. Japan put a lot of effort into mobilizing shipping. So, officials tried to revive the former “”Marine Day”” as a national holiday.
Ocean Day takes place on the third Monday in July and is also a great holiday for families to go to the beach and pool. The custom of viewing at the moon on the 15th of August of the lunar calendar came from China.

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