Some Japanese trivia 2

Design preferences vary, with some preferring plain types and simple patterns, while others prefer flashy motifs. Japanese chopsticks are characterized by a slightly thicker back and a tapered design with a thin tip. There are various shapes of chopsticks depending on the situation or occasion, such as the “”meoto bashi”” for personal use, festive chopsticks for New Year’s, the modest “”Rikyu bashi”” used for high-class Japanese cuisine, and the disposable chopsticks. There are also long, thin chopsticks called “”saibashi”” and training chopsticks for children. While good handling of chopsticks is highly regarded in Japan, many lament the gradual loss of the correct chopstick shape. According to a recent survey, only a little over half of adult Japanese people are able to hold chopsticks correctly. It’s important to remember that there are many different  manners for using chopsticks, not just the correct way to grip them. When eating, you need to move food quickly from platter to platter, and placing chopsticks on your food for too long is a breach of etiquette known as mayoibashi. Others include licking a drop of soy sauce off the end of the chopsticks, and stabbing the food off the edge of the chopsticks.

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