Some Japanese trivia 3

Also, passing food directly from chopstick to chopstick is a huge mistake. This is because in Japanese funerals, there is a ritual called “”Hashidashi delivery,”” in which the remains are removed from the cremated remains, transferred from chopsticks to chopsticks by the family members, and placed in a kotsubo. Putting the chopsticks in a bowl of rice is an offering to the deceased, and to recreate it at the dining table is called “”Tatebashi”” and is considered to be a bad omen. It is said that furoshiki was first used in the Nara period, but it wasn’t until the Muromachi period that it was called furoshiki. It was used to wrap clothes when going to the public baths. In the Edo period, merchants used to wrap their goods. Today, they are becoming popular again as a more environmentally friendly alternative to paper bags. They are made in a more stylish design than paper bags. A nolen is a curtain-like cloth that is hung at the entrance of a Japanese store. Originally used in the Muromachi period as a replacement for doorways to warm houses, it gradually became a sign for merchants. Today, noren represents the goodwill and credibility of a store.

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